10 Best Electrical and Manual Vegetable Choppers In India

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Chopping vegetables isn’t quite the job we look forward to while cooking, right? It takes a lot of time and is so monotonous. And personally speaking, I don’t like this part in the preparation of cooking. All the chopping, mincing cubing tires me not gonna lie. So I wanted something to ease me out.

As a result, I went over to Amazon to find some choppers. So basically, there are two types of choppers – electrical and manual.

Here is the list of the 10 best vegetable choppers in India, I could find on Amazon. I chose mine from this list I made, and here it is for your help. Scroll on and find out the best one for you!

Electrical Choppers 

I find electrical choppers very easy to use, even easier than manual ones. All you need to do is adjust the blade, throw in the stuff you want to chop, and turn it on. 

Just cut the veggies in half and put them in it. You’re done. You get the desired texture and size in moments.

So here goes the first five from the list of 10 best vegetable choppers in India. 

1. Twin Blade Technology –  Inalsa Bullet 400-Watt Electric Chopper

This one comes with a whopping 400W motor and adding to it, is how silent this one is. It can operate continuously for 3 whole minutes for chopping and mincing. It comes with twin blades for enhanced and easy chopping and dicing. 

You can have three textures – coarse, medium, and fine. The usable capacity is 0.5 L. It is made out of ABS d it sure is sturdy.

This was listed as Amazon’s choice and that holds up given how great of a deal this one is.

• A powerful 400W motor
• Great and fast chopping thanks to dual blades.
• Silent operation

• Heats a little when in function

2. Prestige PEC 3.0 250-Watt Electric Chopper

It has a decent 250W motor for functioning. It is perfect for cutting veggies, fruits, herbs, and spices. 

You can also cut and mince cooked fish and meat. It has sharp and strong blades made of stainless steel for efficient chopping. The container itself can be used for storing stuff in the refrigerator.


• Decently powerful 250W motor

• Sharp and efficient blades


• Produces a ton of noise during operation

3. Morphy Richards Mini 300-Watts DC Motor Chopper 

It has a powerful 300W DC motor for power. It has 4 stainless steel blades to take care of chopping, mincing, and cubing. And it does its job fairly well.

It has a 0.84 L transparent chopping container with a wide mouth. It also comes with a whisking attachment for added functionality and versatility. The product hence proves to be a great value for money offer

• Doesn’t overheat
• Large 0.84 L container with a wide mouth

• The container might feel a bit cheap
• Makes a lot of noise

4. Bajaj 800 ml Chop Pro Chopper with Whisking Blade

Presently, Bajaj is a household name. Each home here in India has at least one product from this well-known and trusted company.

So here comes a chopper from the house of Bajaj. It has a 300W motor for all the chopping stuff. It comes with a decently large 0.8 L container. It has dual stainless steel blades for chopping efficiently and fast. It also comes with an attachment for whisking in-box as an added feature.

•    Has a large 0.8 L container
•    Comes with a whisking attachment
•    Power-efficient

•    Plastics used might feel cheap.
•    Cannot make purees

5. Borosil Chef Delite BCH20DBB21 300-Watt Chopper

The motor comes with a power rating of 300W. It has a container with a capacity of 0.6 L, which is decent when compared to the competition. The dual blades make it possible to chop leafy vegetables like spinach and cabbages. For safety, it has an auto power cut-off feature to keep the motor safe.


· Energy efficient

· Has an anti-skid rubber base


· It cannot be locked Needs to be held while chopping is being done

Best Manual Choppers In India

As the name suggests, they are operated manually, without electricity. You just need to drop them in the container, and push, rotate or pull the tabs. There are various types of manual choppers. 

Some have handles for rotating the blades and do the chopping. While some others come with pushing or pulling mechanisms for rotating the blades. The more you use it, the finer it is chopped. It depends upon your physical capabilities and power.

So here is the next segment of our list of 10 best vegetable choppers in India, featuring the manual choppers.

6. Pigeon Mini Handy (400 ml) and Compact Chopper

It is made from polypropylene, which increases its life and durability. It has 3 blades made from stainless steel which are detachable as well. 

It features a pulling mechanism which makes it a lot easier and a lot less manual energy-hungry tool. The whole unit can be disassembled pretty easily, which makes it a lot easier to clean and maintain. This allows it to be used as a container as well.


· Sharp and detachable blades

· Pretty durable built-quality


· Has a pretty flimsy string

· Bigger pieces cannot be chopped with it

7. Prestige 3.0 Plastic Veggie Cutter 

It has 3 chopping levels – coarse, moderate, and fine, thanks to its 3 blade system. It has practically zero maintenance. It has a pretty durable handle and string, which increases its longevity by a long margin. 

The handle is made up of PU or polyurethane, which itself is known as a pretty durable material. The company provides a 1-year warranty as well.

• Comes with a 1-year warranty
• Pretty durable

• Is pricier when compared to its competition

8. Ganesh Chopper Vegetable Cutte

It has a 3 blade chopping mechanism and the blades are made up of high-strength stainless steel. According to the brand, it can apply 380 knife chops in under 20 seconds, which is pretty great. 

It allows it to chop and dice pretty quickly. It also has a big handle for easy operation. It comes with an anti-skid base too for easier usage.

• Has a pretty big handle
• Comes with an anti-skid base

• The string is quite feeble
• Water can seep in through the lids

9. Solimo 500 ml Large Vegetable Chopper

Solimo is Amazon’s own brand in the kitchen accessories department. It sure does live up to the exceptions of the customers. 

It has a pretty big container capacity of 0.5 L. It comes with 3 blades made of stainless steel which ensures long-lasting service. 

It also has 4 locks for keeping the lid in place. It is made up of unbreakable plastic. The whole thing is also detachable for easy cleaning.

• Has a locking mechanism for easy operation
• Strong and durable build

• The blades are excessively sharp and require attentive handling

10. Wonderchef String Chopper 5-Blade Plus whisking Blade

As the name hints, it does come with 5 blades, which allows it to chop very efficiently and finely. It also helps in maintaining different levels of chopping. It comes with a whisking attachment as an added feature. It has an anti-skid base for ease in operation. It can be detached fully for cleaning and storage purposes.  

· The level design is very ergonomic
· Comes with an anti-skid base
· Comes with a whisking attachment

· Chopping is a bit uneven sometimes

How To Choose The Best Chopper For You: The Buying Guide

To find the best chopper which will fulfill your needs, you need to keep something in mind. I’ve made a list of the important points, which you should consider before finalizing the product.
So here goes the list:

Manual or Electric?

Electric choppers are a lot easier to operate and also work faster. You just need to connect it to the mains or put in the batteries, whatever its source of power is. It saves a lot of time and labor.

Manual choppers, though they need a bit of work, are easy to operate. You need to make use of your own hands to make it work and get the desired output.

What about the blades?

The blades should be made up of rust-proof materials so that they can operate for a long period without worries. That should also be sharp enough to face different types of food items, be it vegetables, fresh or dry fruits, cooked meat or fish, etc. They should also be efficient enough to cut the food materials evenly.

Stainless steel blades are always preferred over any other material. It is because they are practically rust-proof and also prevent chipping and breaking. They have pretty great longevity.

The blades should be detachable to clean the machine inside out for good hygiene.

The material of the container

The container should be made up of food-grade plastic and should be durable too. The container should be BPA free and it should also be labeled on it.

BPA is short for Bisphenol A and is an endocrine disruptor. It affects the production and functioning of our body hormones and causes multiple diseases.

The capacity of the container

The capacity of the container should be based on your usage. If you are going to use it for chopping a lot of food, you should go for a larger container size.

Power of the motor

This determines how fast and efficiently the chopping or mincing is done. The higher the power, the quicker and more efficient the chopping will be. You should go for choppers with a rating of about 250-450W, hence it won’t affect the electricity bill as much.

A stable base is important too
The base of the chopper should be stable to avoid any kind of movement or toppling.

Warranty and pricing

An electric chopper, as you would expect costs considerably more than the manual ones. The available features, wattage, and container size also increase the price accordingly. Manual choppers should generally cost under Rs. 500 and a medium-sized electric chopper costs around the ballpark of Rs. 1500.


Some of the available choppers in the market also come with some added features. Cubing, mincing, dicing are to name a few. Some also come with an added whisking attachment in-box.


So this was the list for the 10 best vegetable choppers in India. I hope this helped at least a bit in presenting a perspective of the available portfolio in the market.

All the mentioned products are right now the best and most popular in the market at the moment. All of them excel in fulfilling your needs, whatever be the price or brand. They’ll chop, mince, and dice according to your preferences and help you be a little more efficient at cooking. Not to mention, they’ll save a load of your time. The effortlessness is what makes these products so popular among the masses. All of the above-mentioned products are very power and time-efficient.

You can use the tips mentioned in the buying guide to choose the best chopper for you depending on the needs.

Cooking is supposed to be fun and not a tiresome task. So, to increase the fun and let off some of that chop-chop monotone, a chopper will surely help.

Happy cooking!

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