7 Best Decorative Wall Shelves for Bedroom

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Are you looking for best decorative and beautiful wall shelves for bedroom or living room in India? In this post we will share best wall shelves which will increase your bedroom look.

Wall shelves are one of the most prominent decorating items that include a rich and new essence to your house.

In the modern era, most advanced manufactures give innovative design-based wall shelves, and wall shelves come in various ranges of designs, styles, materials and finishes, and shapes. There are seven best decorative wall shelves for bedroom in India, such as below:

1. Furniture Cafe Hexagon Wall Shelves

Furniture Cafe set of six hexagon designer shapes of storage shelves:

It is considered to be the most prominent shelves in India. This hexagon unit of the stand is the ultimate stylish that provides surprising space for storing pictures, books, and other decorative items.

These shelves may arrange to make the desired home look.


There are many features of this product such as:

Contemporary wall shelves to display the items

This hexagonal wall-mounted floating shelf offers innovative decoration or a home solution for the bedroom, bathroom, living room, kitchen, entryway, etc.

Decorate with your unique touch

This furniture cafe is beneficial for decorating rooms and living rooms. Add a few characters to any room by using these reasonable hexagon shelves of wooden for wall accents.

Perfection all time
People can use these shelves to display handicrafts, photographs, and other showpieces in the office or home. Use the spacing and alignment tool and the level of spirit concluded to arrange the shelves in any pattern to perfection and use multitudinous sets to create fantastic wall decor.

2. BAYKA Floating Shelves Wall Mounted

BAYKAL Floating Shelves are research and investigation results, which are practical and decorative, and designer. Each bracket comprises Paulownia wood and industrial metal; in this BAYKA Floating Shelves, all the triangular frames are versatile and stable.

Additionally, it is elementary to assemble with all the necessary hardware concluded, and these shelves are the excellent decorative or best addition to any space of the wall.


Different assembly for a different size

These shelves offer two unique display forms, so install these shelves with the board according to your taste and select your favorite way to display these shelves.

Simple or suitable

This product is very simple made up of Paulownia wood and industrial metal. These floating shelves increase any household’s aesthetic flair and offer delightful decoration to match any room style or design.

Magically transform your walls with these floating shelves.

You can install these shelves and give an entire look to your room, bathroom, living room, or kitchen.

Essay to assemble

These shelves are wider or sturdier than that of other products in India. Additionally, it is very easy to assemble with all the necessary hardware concluded, and these shelves are the unique decorative or best addition to any space of a wall.

3. Decostyle Urus Floating Wall Shelves

Deco style Urus Floating Wall Shelves is the multitudinous functional shelf in India which is a perfect wall mounted for the living rooms, bedrooms, and kitchens along with elegant touch.

It is manufactured in the art materials with the best class process and gives top-of-the-line facilities. Moreover, engineered wood is finished with laminate and Deco style Urus Floating Wall Shelves that can be easily fixed in any room or considered stylish.


It is made up of particle board material with natural wood grain finish, and the product is U-shaped and contemporary style.
It helps include additional shelves space to store and the perfect solution for the tight areas.
It has a larger 40 CM length and 10 CM height.
Deco-style Urus Floating Wall Shelves are beneficial as display showpieces.

Hence, this product is beneficial, perfect for showcasing items like frames and vases, and also, persons can put them in any location.

4. Saqib Ali Wooden Handcrafts

Saqib Ali Wooden Handicrafts is the most decorative product in India that can be used for bedroom and living room decoration.

The shelves consider the modern look and stylish design. Saqib Ali Wooden Handicrafts are waterproof to easily clean them or keep anything like books, gifts, or other items on these shelves.

Features or detail

It is easy to clean as it is a waterproof product.
It shines very well, or the color of the quantity is impressive.
These shelves look stylish and modish while placed on the wall.
It is easy to set on the border with the screws, and the product has a weight of 1kg 500g with hardware components included.

Consequently, persons can buy this product due to a lot of benefits and uses for their home.

5. Unique Handcrafted Wooden Shelf

Unique Handcrafts Wooden Shelf is made up of high-quality engineered wood, which offers benefits of long durability.

It is uniquely designed with more space or utility to your interiors. Persons can arrange showpieces on the shelf to enhance the beauty of their room.

Features or details
Unique Handcrafted Wooden Shelf has black color and antique style.
Product dimensions – Width – 19.5 cm

Height – 45.5 cm

Length – 19.5 cm
Made up of Engineered wood.

Hence persons can buy this product as it is used to store books and trophies and keep vases or games. So the product has a lot of uses.

6. Online shoppee Hexagon Designer Storage shelf

This hexagon shelf is the ultimate stylish and functional piece for your living rooms. It is made up of modern style with clear lines and an appealing geometric shape. Online shoppee shelves may arrange to make the room desirable, and the product has orange or brown.

Features or details

Online shoppee is made up of MDF material with a paint finish.
6 Rack package contents.
Clean contemporary style.
Ideal for keeping rooms tidy or organized.
The product weight is 4 kg.

So, it is considered to be the best decorative shelves in India.

7. Onlineshoppee Rafuf Intersecting Floating wall Shelf

It is made in E2 grade engineered wood which has four shelves. This is considered the multifunctional wall-mounted shelf used on any kitchen, bedroom, or living room walls. Onlineshoppee Rafuf Intersecting Floating wall Shelf can clean with the damp soapy cloth, and the product is finished in the brown deco paint.

Features or detail

It is black in color and made up of high-grade engineering wood with a brown finish.
Simple and popular floating style.
It is easy to install, and all hardware is concluded.
It can be fitted on any wall and can hold up 2kgs weight.
Useful to store any decorative things.

So, people may buy this product and give their home a more stylish and designer look.

Wall shelves are one of the most renowned decorating items that give the best look in the house and provide many benefits such as putting all the decorative and other things quickly on the shelves.

There are an enormous variety of best decorative wall shelves in India which considers magnificent features and offers facilities. Hence, it makes the home most decorative and stylish.

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