11 Best Washing Machines Under 20000 in India

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Personally speaking, doing laundry is the worst task of the day. A washing machine just crashes through it. It makes it a lot less painful, a lot less boring. Again, you don’t have to get all messy and washed in soap if you are a noob like me. All of it gets a lot easier.

To make your life easier, you need to make the right decisions. The one that suits you and your needs, is the one that you should go with without being distracted by fancy stuff. You should at first analyze the factors for your needs and then make the decision.

So here is the list of best washing machines under Rs. 20000 in India right now, in 2021. All of them are equally great and excel in their priorities. I’ve made two segments depending on their types and your needs. So, hang tight as we glide through them.

Fully Automatic Washing Machines

The human intervention required here is negligible so that you can do your stuff without bothering about your laundry. Just dump in your clothes, press the start button, and just wait till it finishes all of the work for you. Zero tension on your mind.

1. 5 Star Smart Inverter LG 6.5 Kg Fully-Automatic

As we all know, LG is an OG competitor in the washing machine market. And while they are popular, they deliver to their customers as well.

The LG 6.5 Kg 5 Star Smart Inverter Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine isn’t an exception as expected. It is durable and undoubtedly stylish with a grey finish and black accents on the lid.

It can regulate its electricity input, thanks to its built-in inverter. This adds a feather to its longevity and electricity-saving capabilities. It also has a stainless steel drum. The motor is also resistant to dust and moisture accumulation as it has a BMC coating.


· Has a child lock system built-in

· Moisture and dust-proof BMC layer on motor

· Has multiple power-saving features

· Has low noise levels while operation


· Washing is a bit on the slower side

2. 7 kg 5 Star Fully-Automatic – Whirlpool

Whirlpool is another player in the washing machine market in India. The model’s name is Whirlpool 7 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine.

It can wash clothes in hard water, thanks to the Power Scrub Technology. Your clothes will come out untangled after each wash as it has a spa wash feature.

It also has an express wash option which enables faster washing times. Adding to the features list, this one also comes with a built-in heating mechanism. It can heat water to 60 degrees Centigrades for a great wash.

The black and grey finish also looks quite classic.


· Has a built-in heater

· The spa wash feature keeps your clothes untangled after each wash

· Fast washing times

· Can wash with hard water


· Takes up comparatively more amount of water for each wash

3. 6.5 kg Fully-Automatic – Samsung

Samsung, the all-rounder in the electronics market cannot be left from the list right?

So here comes the Samsung 6.5 kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine. It has a ‘Center Jet’ Technology which prevents tangling of clothes and gives a hassle-free washing experience.

The drum is made in a way such that that it washes the clothes in a pretty gentle manner. This prevents any damage to the cloth fibers and keeps them soft and gentle.

The dry spinning mechanism is assisted by an air circulation of air which enables lower drying times. There’s a child lock feature too along with a quick wash mode.

These features help this one to secure its place in the list of best washing machines under 20000 in India.


• Powerful motor for great washes
• Reduced washing times with the quick wash mode
• Washed clothes don’t get tangled


• Normal washing times are high
• Takes a lot of water

4. 7 Kg 5 Star Royal Plus Fully-Automatic – Whirlpool

It shouldn’t come as a surprise for you if Whirlpool makes another appearance in this list of best washing machines under 20000 in India.

It has a round 360-degree wash, thanks to its unique ‘Hexa-bloom’ impeller. It easily removes friction and tough stains from your clothes as well owing to its power scrub technology.

It performs surprisingly well in low water pressure as well. It again comes with an express wash mode, for quicker washes to save your time.

• Saves power and time with express wash mode.
• Low noise levels

• Built quality isn’t up to the mark

5. Smart Inverter Fully-Automatic – LG 7.0 Kg 5 Star

This one also has an inverter built into it for great power efficiency and intelligent power delivery. It comes with a multi-water flow for even distribution of water and detergent.

The most unique feature has got to be the app connectivity via your phone. It has a smart diagnosis system that automatically informs you of any problem in operation via the SmartThinQ app.

It also has a self-sterilizing Tub Clean option that clears off any unpleasant odor from your washing machine.It has a child lock system as well.

• Comes with a child lock feature
• Smart connectivity options
• Self-sterilizing tub
• Great power and water savings

• Struggles with low water pressure
• It is comparatively older as compared to other models

5. Bosch 7 Kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

This German company is kinda underrated in India but delivers features and utilities for its price.

The Bosch 7 Kg Fully-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine has multiple unique features that work flawlessly.

The intelligently worked out washing patterns do help in a better cleaning procedure. The dynamic water flow system adds to it as well. It comes with a one-touch start and child lock. It can also function in low water pressure conditions.

• Easy to use
• Child lock
• Can function in low water pressure

• Durability is the best for the price
• Overpriced

7. 7 Kg 5 Star Fully-Automatic – Godrej

Godrej also makes a mark in this price segment, despite getting tough competition from the likes of Samsung, LG, and Whirlpool.

If you’re looking for a fully automatic washing machine that gets the job done, this one surely what you’re looking for. It has no extra features like the competition but delivers a great overall performance.

The one thing that makes it stand out though, is the ’Acu drum technology’. It helps to spreads and moves the clothes evenly in all directions, ensuring a good cleaning. It also helps in even spreading detergent, ensuring a proper wash.

• Highly energy efficient
• The drum has lint-free materials
• Durable quality

• Comparatively heavier than average washing machines

8. IFB 6.5 Kg Fully-Automatic

IFB also provides a great value for money proposition when compared to the options from the competitors.

It comes with a dynamic water delivery system which ensures a great cleaning. The smart weight sensor adjusts the settings according to the load. It also comes with an in-built heater for enhanced and more cleaning variability.

• Has in-built heater
• Low noise levels
• Durability isn’t the best for the price

9. AmazonBasics 8.5 kg Top Load Washing Machine

AmazonBasics is Amazon’s brand, and surprisingly good as well. It doesn’t necessarily come with many bells and whistles but, it gets the job done.

It has a self-cleaning mechanism as well. It also comes with an air-drying tech for easily drying your clothes after they are washed.

• Comes with all the basic functions
• Dries washed clothes very fast

• Slow washing times
• Vibrations are an issue as well

Semi-Automatic Washing Machines

They are entry-level washing machines to get you used to the functions and ease of having one. They have two tubs – one for all the washing purposes and the other for spinning and drying.

You’ll have to move the washed clothes manually to the drying tub. So yeah, they require a decent amount of attention and human interaction.

Here are the best options for you if you’re looking for a high-capacity semi-automatic washing machine under 20000 in India.

10. LG 10 kg 5 Star Semi-Automatic Top Loading Washing Machine

It has a low water consumption and it saves power too. This makes it a lot economical than all of the above-mentioned fully automatics. It comes with four washing programs – Gentle, normal, drying, and soak.

The drier has air vents that pass air during the drying program that ensures rapid drying without breaking a sweat.

• Saves water and power
• Quick-drying
• Tough build

• Washing time is a bit slow

11. Whirlpool 10.5 kg 5 Star Semi-Automatic

This is also a semi-automatic washing machine from Whirlpool. It can wash clothes easily even in hard water conditions. It saves both water and power, which makes it so economical.

• Can wash in hard water condition
• Power and water-efficient

• Makes a lot of noise while operation
• The build quality doesn’t justify the price

Washing Machine Buying Guide

For buying the best washing machine to fulfill your daily needs, you need to keep some key points at the back of your mind. So here is a quick buying guide for your help.

1. Fully Automatic or Semi-Automatic?

Fully automatics require a lot less involvement and judge the load, adjust the settings, wash and dry on their own. On the other hand, semi-automatics require your attention and manual labor.

2. Top Loading or Front Loading?

As the names suggest, they differ in the loading sides. The top-loading options have much fewer washing options and features when compared to their front-loading counterparts. The top-loading washing machines are more economical on the other hand.

3. Capacity

The capacity depends upon the number of members in your family. The measurement of capacity is done in kilograms and is directly proportional to the weight of clothes you’re gonna wash.

If you have a big family and plan on washing your clothes weekly, you should go for a larger capacity. On the other hand, if you wash once in two to three days, a medium-sized one should be enough.

4.The Material of The Drum

The drums can be made from stainless steel, plastic, or porcelain enamel. Among these, stainless steel ones should be more preferable for their durability and longevity.

5. Wash Settings

Most washing machines nowadays come with multiple washing modes to make sure every type of clothing is washed thoroughly. They come with water level adjustments and a gentle mode for soft and delicate clothes. You can also save your favorite configurations.

6. Feature

Many options come with varying features like fuzzy logic, which adjusts the settings according to the load. Some also come with temperature control, time delay, and other unique features. You need to choose wisely as they directly affect the cost with an increase in the number of available features.

Bottom Line

So here goes the list of THE best washing machines under 20000 in India. The sheer variety of features has surely amazed me, keeping the price range in mind. The above-mentioned washing machines are very popular in the market and are hugely appreciated by the consumers. I hope this will benefit your decision-making.

So, happy washing!

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